Rainbow Cauliflower Rice

Today I picked a colorful bouquet of cauli-flowers from the produce aisle in my supermarket. Rainbow cauliflower is all the rage at this time of the year in Fall.  So I decided to make a tricolor cauliflower rice using orange, purple and light green cauliflower.

Rainbow cauliflower rice in a purple dish, tricolor cauliflower rice, cauliflower rice, Fall, Halloween, andouille sausage, cauliflower rice with raisins
My rainbow cauliflower rice spiced up with andouille sausage and sprinkled with fried onions and golden raisins.

It's such a happy rice that complements the changing colors of the season. Perfect to eat on a cool, crisp Autumn night or on a Halloween evening after a round of trick or treating. 

My light rainbow cauliflower rice is spiced up with andouille sausage and lightly sweetened with a topping of fried golden raisins and fried onions. For a vegan rainbow cauliflower rice option, just omit the sausage.

Made on the stove top and ready in 15 minutes, this tricolor cauliflower rice is healthy and so easy to make.

Cartoon truck carrying tri color, rainbow cauliflower
Rainbow cauliflower is not genetically modified, but the colors come from natural hybrids.

Rainbow Cauliflower

I always marvel when I come across strange vegetables in the markets. Rainbow cauliflower is one of them. How in the world does it get its vibrant colors? Is it dyed? I was happy to learn that these colored cauliflowers are not dyed but completely natural.

Rainbow cauliflower and purple and yellow pansies, , Fall, Halloween, purple cauliflower, orange caulifower, light green cauliflower, broccoflower
My vibrant cauliflower bouquet interspersed with pansies from my garden. 

Apparently, the colored varieties of cauliflower are made by mixing cauliflowers with other plants. Purple cauliflower gets it color from the same antioxidants found in red cabbage and red wine, anthocyanin

Orange cauliflower's pigments come from the betacarotene, as found in carrots. 

And green cauliflower, a natural hybrid also known as broccoflower, was born when it's parents broccoli and cauliflower got together. Full of vitamin C, it's has properties to reduce inflammation and boost collagen production within the skin.

So, I'm definitely sold on eating colorful cauliflower, compared to the plain creamy variety. Packed with so many antioxidants, it might be just the thing I need to turn back the clock just a little bit.

Tri Color Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Rainbow cauliflower, tricolor cauliflower rice, cauliflower rice, Fall, Halloween, purple cauliflower, orange caulifower, light green cauliflower, broccoflower

Time: 30 minutes prep, 15 minutes cook


☐ 2 cups basmati rice
☐ 2 sausages- andouille
☐ 3 inch cinnamon stick
☐ 8 cloves
☐ 1/4 teaspoon pepper corns
☐ 3 cardamoms
☐ 4.5 cups cauliflower florets
☐ 1 sliced onion
☐ Handful of golden raisins
☐ Cooking oil
☐ Salt

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Soak Rice

  • Wash and soak basmati rice in water for 30 minutes.
  • While rice is soaking, in a large vessel, fry sliced onions in oil until golden brown and fry raisins. Remove and set aside.

Step 2: Fry Spices and Rice

  • In the same vessel, add more oil if required. Then add the cloves, pepper corns, cardamamon and cinnamon stick to the oil. 
  • Add the drained rice and stir very gently. 

Step 3: Boil Rice Uncovered on High Heat

  • Pour 4 cups of well salted boiling water into the vessel and cook on high heat, uncovered, until holes start appearing in the rice.
  • At this point, sprinkle the rainbow cauliflower florets and sliced andouille sausage over the rice. Do not mix in. 

Step 4: Cook Rice Covered on Low Heat
  • Cover and cook on very low heat for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, fluff rice lightly with a fork. Cover and on very low heat for an additional 5 minutes.
  • After which, remove the vessel from the stove, fluff rice slightly and leave aside partially uncovered to cool for 15 minutes before serving.
  • Sprinkle with fried onions and raisins before serving.

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