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Garden Tasks by Month | October in Zone 5

 Dear Garden Diary, What can I say other than "Spectacular! Spectacular!"  Millions of leaves turning gorgeous shades of blood orange, scarlet, crimson & burnt umber.      Brightly coloured chrysanthemums and end of summer asters compete hastily with the flashy leaves and airy ornamental grasses for a piece of attention. Everywhere I turn, it is just simply stunning. I only wish this season lasted more than just three or four weeks.    A view of the side of our house in October. The changing leaves take center stage.   Between trying to soak it all in and decorating the garden for Halloween, I look forward to my garden tasks now more than ever before.  Why?  Because raking leaves is my favourite thing to do. And after that, sitting out on a crisp, brisk evening and enjoying a cozy bonfire is sheer delight. xoxo Pia What Tasks/ Chores to do in my Garden in October?  A Garden Maintenance Checklist for Zone 5 Leaf Collection ☐ Time to pull out the rakes and get started with

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