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How to Spatchcock Cornish Hens - Tandoori Chicken

  So, I'm Indian.    And the top 2 questions that I get from my non-Indian friends are: 1. Where do you go to get the best Indian food? Not far, my friends. Just a short walk to my kitchen.   2. And do you eat Tandoori chicken? Oh, yes I do .  Though, it's not an every day affair. And it's not traditional fare from where I come from in India. I'm from the South and tandoori chicken is a specialty of the Northern frontier lands.    But yes, it is very delicious and I can't fault anyone for thinking that Tandoori chicken is India's national dish since  every Indian restaurant features tandoori on their menu.   So, I've decided to give the people what they want. Here's my very simple recipe for Tandoori chicken , using a whole spatchcocked/ butterflied style cornish hen .       Cornish hens or poussins are just little chickens that are not fully grown. A great alternative to big bird chicken; when cut down the middle cornish hens are perfectly portioned to

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