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Rainbow Cauliflower Rice

Today I picked a colorful bouquet of cauli -flowers from the produce aisle in my supermarket. Rainbow cauliflower is all the rage at this time of the year in Fall.  So I decided to make a  tricolor cauliflower rice using orange, purple and light green cauliflower. My rainbow cauliflower rice spiced up with andouille sausage and sprinkled with fried onions and golden raisins. It's such a happy rice that complements the changing colors of the season. Perfect to eat on a cool, crisp Autumn night or on a Halloween evening after a round of trick or treating.  My light rainbow cauliflower rice is spiced up with andouille sausage and lightly sweetened with a topping of fried golden raisins and fried onion s. For a vegan rainbow cauliflower rice option, just omit the sausage. Made on the stove top and ready in 15 minutes, this tricolor cauliflower rice is healthy and so easy to make. Rainbow cauliflower is not genetically modified, but the colors come from natural hybrids. Rainbow Caul

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