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How to Make Bon Voyage Stenciled Cupcakes

This year, I've been to more farewell parties than I'd ever imagined. We've said goodbye to a few long time neighbors as they've moved away; some to a few streets away, others a few oceans away. I've celebrated with retiring co-workers, eager to start the next exciting chapter of their lives. I've waved bon voyage to newly wed friends off on their honeymoon and celebrated with friends whose kids were going off to college. And I've bid adieu to a very brave friend, who quit her job and decided to travel around the world in search of adventure. ( Please send me postcards, so that I can live vicariously through you. ) So, yes, I've attended a load of moving away, bon-voyage, farewell, going away and office retirement parties . Always on the look out to make a party interesting and memorable, I created these ' bon voyage stenciled cupcakes ' since everyone was embarking on some kind of adventure, taking them in a new direction.   I've got to sa

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