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Memsahib's Mess | Dishoom's Eton Mess with an Indian Twist

Your friendly food writer reporting from London... scraped (because for the sake of propriety, she couldn't lick) her dessert bowl clean at the popular "Dishoom" restaurant on High Street Ken, London.  And what was so good at Dishoom that warranted this?  It was the cleverly named  "Memsahib's Mess" on the dessert menu that first caught her eye and then proceeded to capture her taste buds. This gorgeous mess of a dessert is the classic British Eton mess dessert with an Indian twist , created specially by Dishoom, From Bombay with Love.💓 Memsahib's Mess Dessert- A seductively, delicious mess of whipped cream, meringue and strawberries topped with rose petals and rose syrup. Dishoom Kensington, London The Dishoom restaurants in London pay homage to the old Irani cafes of Bombay. Styled in a similar, though smarter fashion, they exude the charm of a bygone romantic era while upscaled for modern day niceties. Each Dishoom restaurant is unique and has its

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