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Burnt Sugar Simple Syrup | Caramel Color for Food

Sometimes my husband teases me and says I use our indoor smoke alarm as a kitchen timer. Fine, I admit it (begrudgingly) as I shoot him a killer side long glance. But really, it only happens rarely and  unintentionally...toast being my favourite, unfortunate victim. But how about burning something intentionally? How about waiting expectantly for plumes of smoke to emanate from the saucepan? How about gleefully holding out for the distinctly bittersweet aroma of something burning to cut through the air while simultaneously pushing down a slight tremor of panic wondering if you've gone too far? How evil and deviant. Who does that on purpose? Well, that's what you have to do to make burnt sugar , also known as black jack or burnt caramel, which is popularly used as caramel color for food. Burnt sugar is made by melting sugar well past the amber colored, caramelized sugar point (around 300°F-345°F) until the sugar darkens and burns, reaching a temperature of nearly 400°F. Burnt Car

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