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"It's impossible," said Pride
"It's risky," said Experience
"It's pointless," said Reason
"Give it a try," whispered the Heart.

So, I followed Heart and launched "The Inspirational Nook". My little space to share what’s germinating in my garden, what's simmering on my stove and what's brewing in my mind.

Hello and welcome! I'm Pia.

Curious About Me?

In my earlier life, I worked as a flight attendant, jet setting around the world, meeting new people, soaking in new cultures and fashions, dabbling (and babbling) in different languages, gawking at beautiful architecture, people and country sides alike and diving into delicious local delicacies unabashedly. 

New York, London, Paris, Rome... every couple of days in a new city. Red lipstick, painted nails, high heels, sharp uniform... tik tokking through airports, shopping around the world, staying in luxurious hotels. It was every bit as glamorous, as it sounds :)

In my present life, I have hung up my wings and my home and family have taken center stage to the skies. My home is my castle, my kitchen- my hearth... and my garden- my little piece of paradise. I love home decorating, gardening, cooking, experimenting with DIY projects and spending time outdoors.

Curious About My Blog?

I created ‘The Inspirational Nook’ to showcase everything that inspires me as I journey through life...and also to let off a little creative steam! It’s a work in progress...but my hope is that it will be a testament to all things good in my life.

You will find my posts organized into the following categories:
    • My favorite tried and tested recipes from our family specials to international delights inspired by my travels around the world. 
    • All my Indian family recipes are from the South of India, featuring traditional Anglo Indian delights and fare from Bangalore, Madras/Chennai, Fort Cochin, Mangalore and Goa.
    • My DIY and home decoration projects and ideas.
    • A look at my perennial garden and garden projects through the seasons.
    • My nature inspired series of still life, seasonal art photographs. The subjects of my photographs are natural, floral and botanical foraged objects that I find on my daily walks in the great outdoors. Arranged into interesting compositions, they are accompanied by a little food for thought. 
I hope you find something on my site that inspires you. Have fun browsing through and exploring my blog. And if you like what you see, consider subscribing to receive my free monthly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox with the latest happenings at 'The Inspirational Nook.'  You can unsubscribe at any time.

'The Inspirational Nook' is also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and has been featured on MSN, FOOD52, Eat Nourish Glow and Foodgawker.
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