Stuffed Chive Blossom and Pansy Crepe Parcels

At this very moment, cheery chives are blooming in my late-Spring garden, nodding their pretty little purple heads and bobbing for attention. 

From the onion (allium) family, both the shiny, slender green leaves of chives and the feathery, purple chive blossoms are completely edible and perfect for adding a delicate onion flavor to savory dishes.  So it's time to bring them in from my garden and onto my table. 

Stuffed pansy crepes tied with chive ties and fresh chive blossoms

For breakfast this morning, I stuffed chive and pansy crepes with scrambled eggs cooked with chives, wrapped the stuffed crepes into little parcels and then tied them off with a chive tie. For the final touch, I slipped in a chive blossom and used broken chive blossoms and snipped chive leaves for garnish.

Such an easy way to take a simple breakfast item and elevate it to something so sophisticated.

Crepes with purple and yellow pansies tied with chive ties and fresh chive blossoms
Pansy and chive crepe parcels garnished with chive flowers and leaves

In fact, why stop at breakfast? These savory stuffed crepe parcels are also a great idea for beautiful hors d'oeuvres or appetizers that can easily be prepared ahead of time. 

Filling Options for Savory Stuffed Crepe Parcels

While I used egg and chives for the filling, savory crepe filling options for these crepes are endless. Some options are:
  • Shredded chicken
  • Miso Flavored Ground beef or pork 
  • Chopped sausages or meatballs
  • Tofu 
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach, feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes
  • Shrimp
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Egg, mayonnaise and/or cream cheese are good binders for the fillings. And with all these stuffing options, one can use both the chive leaves and flowers in both cooked and fresh form to bring in a little color, a subtle onion flavor and a little extra bite.

Pink chive flowers with blue and white background
Chive blossom are also a great cut flower for indoor flower arrangements. They last long and dry well.

Cooking with Chive Flowers | How to Use Edible Chive Blossoms

Step 1: Snip 

Use a scissors to snip off the chive leaves and flowers. Chive buds, as well as flowers in all stages of blooming can be used to impart varying levels of bite to a dish, though chive flowers taste best as they are opening.

Step 2: Wash

Wash the chive leaves and blossoms well in cold water. Swirl the chive blossoms around in a bowl filled with  cool, salted water. Leave them to soak for a few minutes to kill any insects.

The chive blossoms and leaves can be harvested days in advance. To keep them fresh until ready to use, store them in the refrigerator in a bowl filled with unsalted water.

Step 3: Use fresh or cooked

Break chive flower heads apart or use whole.
Chive blossoms can be eaten raw and so are popularly used as garnishes in salads. Or they can be cooked as an ingredient in chive blossom recipes, like my Chive Blossom Scrambled Eggs below.

A white bowl with frothy yellow beaten eggs and purple chive blossoms and petals
Chive Blossom Scrambled Eggs: Sprinkle beaten eggs with broken chive blossoms before cooking

Since pansies bloom at the same time as chives, when making my chive crepes, I sprinkled my crepes with fresh edible pansy petals and flowers while the crepe batter was still setting in the pan. While the pansies don't impart any particular flavor to the crepes, this is an option to pretty up the crepes and add a little extra color and texture to the crepes. 

Egg stuffed pansy crepes tied with chive ties and fresh chive blossoms

Recipe: Chive Blossom Crepe Parcels Stuffed with Chive Blossom Scrambled Eggs


Make 6-7 pancakes

☐ Chive Blossoms and leaves
☐ Pansies (optional)

For the Chive Blossom Pancake Batter:
☐ 1/2 cup white all purpose flour (maida)
☐ 1 egg
☐ 1 cup milk
☐ 1/4 teaspoon sugar
☐ Pinch of salt
☐ 2 tablespoons water for consistency
☐ Chive blossoms (broken apart) and chive leaves chopped fine
☐ Butter/oil for frying

For the Chive Blossom Scrambled Eggs:
☐ 6 eggs, beaten
☐ Chive blossoms (broken apart) and chive leaves chopped fine
☐ 1/4 cup cream
☐ Salt
☐ Pepper
☐ Butter for frying

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Harvest and Prep Chive Blossoms & Leaves

Gather chive blossoms, buds and leaves. Wash well in cold water. Soak in salted water for a few minutes and rinse.

Break apart chive blossoms and chop chive leaves fine. 

Step 2: Fry Chive Crepes

  • In a bowl, lightly whisk together the egg, flour, milk, water, sugar and salt to make a smooth crepe batter.
  • Heat a griddle or frying pan, smear with butter. Then add about 1/4 cup of batter to the pan and swirl to create a thin crepe. Sprinkle quickly with chive blossoms and leaves before the crepe sets (pansies optional).
  • Cook uncovered, until the edges of the crepe begin to crisp up and leave the pan. Use a wooden spatula to loosen the crepe from the pan. No need to flip the crepe. Just turn it over onto a plate.
  • Set aside to cool

Step 3: Make Chive Blossom Scrambled Eggs

  • In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, cream, salt and pepper until light and frothy.
  • Sprinkle in the broken chive blossoms and chopped chive leaves.
  • Add butter to a frying pan and scramble the eggs.

Step 4: Assemble Stuffed Crepe Parcels

  • Lay a crepe out flat. 
  • Spoon the scrambled egg into the center of the crepe.
  • Fold the crepe like you would fold a spring roll. (Fold the left and right sides of the crepe over the filling. Then fold the bottom of the crepe over the filling and tuck it under the filling. Then continue to fold the roll.

Step 5: Tie Parcels with Chive Ties

  • Use long chive leaves as ties to tie up the stuffed crepe parcels.
  • Slip a whole chive blossom and stem into the tie.
  • Garnish with whole and broken chive blossom flowers and chopped chive leaves.

White plate with chive crepe parcels, chive ties, chive blossoms and chive buds
Pretty and sophisticated. Almost too pretty to eat.

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