Across the Miles

Do you remember the last time time you pulled out your favorite pen, selected some pretty stationary, hand wrote a thoughtful personalized note, slipped it into an envelope, stuck a stamp on it, sealed it with a kiss and dropped it in the post box?

Flat lay floral photo, Kwanzan cherry blossoms, pink cherry blossoms in envelope, pink petals, across the miles card, pink spring flowers,
Across The Miles

While we may be miles apart, we still find ways to celebrate and be together in spirit, a way to send good wishes and smiles from across the miles.  E-cards, Whattsapp, Zoom calls all make it possible.

But, how about connecting with someone... just because. For no particular reason, but just because you wanted to say hi and let them know that you're thinking of them? And how about doing it the old fashioned way? What's more charming than receiving an unexpected piece of mail in your mail box, you may ask? Writing and sending that unexpected note. It's oddly therapeutic and terribly charming.

If you were waiting for a sign to get started, then this is it.

P.S- I created the flat lay photo above, title 'Across the Miles',  with the blossoms from my Kwanzan Cherry tree that is currently in full bloom in my garden. From early March I eagerly wait for it to bloom, watching and waiting for the buds to swell and slowly turn pink until they finally burst into a profusion of cascading double pink flowers in late April- early May. It's hard to imagine how such a fluffy flower with so many petals can fit so tightly into a little bud. Sadly, these gorgeous blooms last on the tree for less than a week. So fleeting. They are on their way out now. Every time the breeze blows, it gently showers a soft cascade of pink petals all around...

Kwanzan cherry blossoms, pink cherry blossoms,

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