Easy Easter Egg Shell Wreath

If you're looking for an egg-ceptionally easy, egg-stremely cheap Easter craft project that's going to absolutely give you a bang for your buck, then this is it. I literally created this beautiful egg shell wreath for just a buck.

The only thing I purchased for this DIY Easter wreath was a metal wreath form for $1 from the Dollar Tree. The eggshells, newspaper, twine and ribbon were things I had around the house.

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A DIY Easter egg wreath for my front door

This is a picture from last Spring when I had hung this egg shell wreath on my bright blue entry door. I received so many compliments from neighbors and passing strangers that I decided this creative, DIY craft project was worth sharing. 

So, forget about purchasing an expensive, store bought Easter/ Spring wreath this year, and instead try making your very own rustic Easter egg wreath. While Easter might be a ways away, start saving up those egg shells now so that you're not scrambling at the last minute. In a couple of weeks you should have enough for this project.

Do eggs-cuse all the egg-straordinarily bad egg puns, but I do believe in looking on the sunny side of things. After all, we all need to make some egg-stra time to laugh. Life would be terribly dull otherwise.

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Let's get cracking!

What you need:

1. A wreath form (either a wire one or a natural one that you can fashion from twisted vines from your garden)

2. Lots of egg shells (Brown or blue eggs cracked in two look best compared to white eggs or crushed egg shells). 

3. Newspaper

4. Twine

5. Strong glue (or glue gun)

6. Burlap ribbon


Step 1: Make newspaper strands

Crush a long sheet of newspaper lengthwise, to form  a thick 'strand' of newspaper. You may need to make a couple of newspaper strands.

Step 2: Wrap newspaper strands around wreath form

Starting from the outside of the wreath, wind the newspaper through the center of the wreath and start wrapping the newspaper around the wreath form. Use twine to hold the newspaper strands/lengths in place.

Step 3: Attach egg shells to newspaper

Put a little glue on the side of an egg shell and attach it firmly to the newspaper. Keep adding egg shells in a haphazard fashion to the newspaper wreath. The contrast between the colored exteriors of the eggshells and the inner whites will look very pretty.

You can choose to cover the entire wreath form with egg shells or opt to show some newspaper. I prefer some newspaper showing since I was going for a rustic, country, farmhouse style Easter wreath.

Step 4: Add a ribbon and hang

Finally, add a pretty ribbon to your wreath and hang it up.  Now stand back and admire your little project. Isn't it egg-ceptional?

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That's all, yolks!

Wishing you a Happy Easter shellebration.

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