Nature Framed | New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! A time for new beginnings... 
A time to look forward to new possibilities...
A time for renewed hope...
A time of good intentions...and New Year resolutions.

Photo artwork with ornamental cherries and climbing vine tendrils
5 New Year Resolutions*


And if those new year resolutions fall by the wayside one week into the new year, it's not the end. I don't need to wait for another 'New Year' to come around. I just need to pick up and try again the next morning.

In the words of Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey-
"Thank God for beginnings.
New years, new months-
After every twenty-four hours, a new day
With the sun rising over a new world."

*Still photograph created with seasonal things found in nature during my daily walks. "Five New Year Resolutions" was created using ornamental cherries and dried tendrils from a climbing vine. The cherries, still  a bright cheery red in the depths of a cold, snowy winter. And the tendrils, still immensely strong, clinging to their host with continued tenacity, even though the plant had died down for winter. Perhaps they're telling us something...

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