Nature Framed | Let Love Rain

With Valentine's day a month away, I wanted to base my next nature inspired art photograph on a Valentine's theme that I could use for my Valentine card. But I also wanted it to carry a message that didn't stop on Valentine's day but continue on as a wish for the whole year.

That's what "Let Love Rain" is all about. 

Flat lay photo, nature, flowers, Valentines day Card idea, dried floral art with roses, hydrangea and lavender

Let it rain, let it pour.
Let the drizzle turn into a monsoon.
Let love reign this year.

The elements that I used to create this piece are particularly special to me. 

The clouds are created from rose petals from a bouquet of roses that my husband gave me three Valentine years ago that I dried out. It's amazing how beautifully they've retained their color and dried out into a romantic shade of dusty rose.

And the little drops of purple rain are tiny lavender flowers that were part of centerpieces in my brother and sister-in-law's wedding from two years ago. As I broke apart the dried lavender flowers releasing their natural oils, their heady scent filled the air. Even after all these years, their beautiful fragrance lingers...May love continue to linger in our lives all through this year.

Flat lay photo, Valentines Day Card made with dried flowers- roses, hydrangeas, lavender

I hope you enjoyed this photo!

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