DIY Paper Snowflake Display Tree

Cutting paper into lovely, lacy patterns takes me back to my days in art class many, many years ago. It's amazing how a simple activity like this, that I enjoyed so much as a child, brings me as much pleasure and satisfaction as an adult. 

Creating pretty paper snowflakes has become sort of a Christmas tradition in our household. We create one snowflake a day during the early days of December. So, within a week or two, we have a snow storm of paper snowflakes that we use for indoor Christmas decorations... It's also easy, fun, cheap and enjoyable entertainment :)

This year, instead of sticking the paper snowflakes in the window, I decided to create a paper snowflake display tree that I could move around the house, depending my whim. I also thought it might make a pretty Christmas center table arrangement.


There really isn't much to it. I spray painted a few dried branches with silver spray paint. If you prefer, you can easily buy painted branches at the craft store.

I placed the branches in a tall vase. And then filled the vase with Christmas baubles and potpourri of the season, to hold the branches upright.

Then I hung the cut paper snowflakes on the branches for all to see.

Here's the display tree on our dining table. It makes a great Christmas table centerpiece. I do like the height that it brings to the table. And the lacy, airiness of the decorations don't block views of dinner guests at the table. 

I also do like that the snowflakes can be viewed from all angles- much like a 3D mobile. It's an arrangement in flux! Depending on which angle you look at it from, it looks different.... However, from whichever way you look at it, it looks great!

To double up the number of snowflakes, I just move my arrangement in front of a mirror! This year, we used different kinds of paper... regular white printer paper, wax paper and gift tissue paper. The different grades of paper, allow light to filter through differently creating varied levels of translucence.

Here's the paper snowflake display tree on our piano. I chose some pale blue tissue paper for some of the snowflakes so that they matched the papered back of our china cabinet. Who said snowflakes had to be white?

Hope this inspires you and and your family to make your own display tree. Have fun doing happy things together! 


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