Nature Framed | Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

If you're ever looking for inspiration,  you never have to look far. Mother Nature offers up a bountiful buffet to choose from.

My nature photographs are inspired and created with only what I find in nature.

Forest foraging is my new past-time. I never return from a walk without a collection of some special finds like interesting looking berries, dried twigs, grass, leaves, seeds, stones, feathers and sometimes dead insects and birds. 

Arranged into attractive patterns, these collections take on a new life under my lens. 

Natural botanical artwork with leaves, feathers and insects

I aspire to create a unique photograph with the finds of the day.

Almost like slides under a microscope, they propel me to look closer, dig deeper and zoom into a natural beauty that's all around us... but so often overlooked.

Dried berry mandala art work

I hope this inspires you to pause and look around you... and focus on what's always been there but you've probably never really seen before. 

Dried daffodil pods

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